Senin, 05 Juli 2010

Firepow Software Review

If you've heard about this new blogging software called Firepow around the web, you're not alone.

Basically Firepow is a blogging software but with a whole lot of features
stacked on top of it... features that seem to make it a pretty darn interesting little (or big) tool.

It's based on wordpress, and begins by installing you a nice wp blog - in fact from what I can tell, REALLY nice - you can create your own blog theme from scratch if you want, with the advanced theme generator and then select from a list of all the plugins under the sun, to have installed and activated on your blog with no further action from you.

Then you can go about adding your content - you can set the content to appear on schedules, including into the future, plus you can take advantage of other people's content via various means not disclosed yet...

It also seems to have a focus on video content but I'm not quite sure in what capacity yet - in any case, more relevant video on your site can only be a good thing - oh and as well - they just released that there will be an "add camtasia video plugin" so you can easily get camtasia vids on your blog without using youtube... which if you're in internet/software niches is a BIG plus.

Anyway after your blog is looking good with all the cool content, Firepow helps you generate traffic and promote your site around the web. At the moment the only traffic tactic I've seen is the promotion of your site through an in house network of blogs owned by Andrew which you can use to obtain links and a few extra visitors.

I've also heard mention of social bookmarking and rss feed promotion but we can't be sure about what capacity these tools take.

Finally Firepow apparently lets you manage your sites too. You can view and make changes to your multiple sites from the one control panel, as well as monitor certain aspects of them.

One plugin we saw released was one that allows a user to split test variations of posts you make to see what generates the most click throughs. That alone makes this product exciting for me.

Even though what we've seen so far seems only a fraction of what this software will be capable of.

If you want to check out more of Firepow for yourself, click here.

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